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LLB after 12th is gradually becoming a very popular option. Before, students having a strong inclination towards LLB courses were met with a string of questions: Why take law? What are the career options after completing LLB courses? Would it pay good compensation? Is the field just about being a lawyer or judge? The litany of questions goes on.
specializing in a particular field. And these specializations as well as other careers do need to exist in the typical courtroom scenario that usually everyone associates the law with! Law opens a wide spectrum of knowledge that will benefit you in all aspects of your life. You could become a lawyer in specific fields.
The Future of Law in India
The law field in India has undergone various changes over time. Nowadays law professionals are not just the part of courts where they are defending their clients. Law graduates now play an active role in corporate companies, IT firms, administrative services, law agencies, and in various corporate houses.
In India, Lawyers are not limited to the three organs Legislature, Executive, and the judiciary. With dynamic changes in laws, it becomes important for companies to opt for legal assistance that can take care of the emerging requirements in different business sectors. So let us take a look at some of the best LLB career options.
Best Career Options after LLB/BALLB degree
Once you have completed your graduation in law, that can either be a plain LLB course or a five-year program of BA LLB course, a range of wide career options will open for you. Here is the list of top 10 career options that you can opt for after completing your Bachelor of Law.
Best Career Options after LLB/BALLB Degree
  • 1. Litigation Attorney
  • 2. Corporate Counsellor
  • 3. Cyber Law
  • 4. Business Law
  • 5. Company Secretary
  • 6. Civil Services
  • 7. Judicial Services
  • 8. Academics and Research
  • 9. Legal Publishing and Media
  • 10. Human Rights
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