Research Details
1. Books/ Book Chapter
Sr. No Authors’ Name (Same order as in Publication) Title Publisher Vol. No. Year Page No
1 Dr. Prahalad Gupta Examine the impact of covid-19 in Indian banking sector International Book Named as “Management Practice Amidst Covid-19 ISBN no- 978-96492-299-1 2020 -
2. Research Publication in UGC/SCOPUS/ WOS/ SCI/ SCIE/ ESCI/ SSCI/ or any other listed Journals
Sr. No Faculty Name Title of Research Papers Journal Name Vol. /Issue ISSN No. Year of Publication SCI/SCOPUS/WOS/UGC Care / Referred Journal
1 Dr.Prahalad Gupta Right to strike of Workers in Public Sector Banks: A constitutional and Legal Perspectives Aarya Vol.4/issues 14 2348-876X 2016 UGC Approved
2 Dr.Prahalad Gupta Woman empowerment in India: A Changing Scenario with the help of Legal perspectives Asian Resonance Vol.7/issue 2 0976-8602 2017 UGC Approved
3 Dr.Prahalad Gupta Surrogacy in India: Recent Trends Legal Issues. Vol 3/issues-1 I245-1295 2017 UGC Approved
4 Dr.Prahalad Gupta Concept of Right to Privacy under the Constitution of India. Justice Year-5/issue 17-20 2320-1665 2017 UGC Approved
5 Dr.Prahalad Gupta The Role of Indian Judiciary in enforcing Fundamental Human Rights. Remarking: An Analyzation Vol 3, Issue 2 2444-0817 2018 Referred Journal
6 Dr.Prahalad Gupta Judicial Response on Euthanasia or mercy Killing in India. Remarking: An Analyzation Vol 5, Issue 6 2444-0817 2020 Referred Journal
7 Dr.Prahalad Gupta Right to Information : The Constitutional and Judicial Perspectives in India Innovation : The Research Concept Vol 5,Issue 11 2456-5474 2020 Referred Journal
8 Dr.Prahalad Gupta The Settlement of Industrial Dispute Through Arbitration in India. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Academic. Vol 9,Issue 3 2249-2496 2019 UGC approved
9 Dr.Prahalad Gupta Public Interest Litigation in India : A socio-Economic Approach Infokra Research 10 July 2021 1021-9056 2021 UGC Care
10 Dr.Prahalad Gupta Environmental Changes And Rights Of Children With Special Reference To Role Of United Nations For Child Climate Refugees Dogo Rang sang Research Journal Vol-11 Issue-09 No. 01 ISSN : 2347-7180 Sep, 2021 UGC Care Group I Journal
11 Kanika Gaur Criminalization of Politics and Politicalisation of Criminals in India Indian Journal of Social Studies and Humanities 1(6)/ April-June 2277-7458 2021 UGC Care
12 Kanika Gaur Right to Privacy of Putative Father vs. Right of Child to know Identity in DNA Evidence in Paternity Disputes International Journal of Forensic Science and Legal Medicine 1/April-June 0973-9122 2021 -
13 Kanika Gaur Public Interest Litigation in India : A Socio-Economic Approach Infokara Research 10/June-July 1021-9056 2021 -
14 Champa Kaundal Environmental Issues and Dispute Resolution Mechanism” Sambodh iIndological Research Journal of L.D.I.I Vol. 44 No. 01 (XV): 2021 2249-6661 2021 Referred
15 Champa Kaundal International Regime on Climate Change International Journal of Research in Social Sciences (IJRSS) IF: 7.081,Vol. 9 Issue 01 (January-2019) 2249-2496 2019 Referred
16 Champa Kaundal Emergence of Climate Change as a Threat to Environment International Journal of Research in Social Sciences (IJRSS) 12 (December-2018 2249-2496 2018 UGC Care
17 Champa Kaundal Cyber Crime: A Curse (A Study with Special reference to Women) In Precedent: A Publication of Jus Dicere & Co Volume 3 Issue 1 (June 2019)- Peer Reviewed 978-93-5382-271-2 Volume 3 2018 UGC Care
18 Champa Kaundal Child Abuse vis-à-vis Child Rights: A Critical study Published in the Proceedings of National Seminar on Child “Inequality & Child Abuse in India Maharaja Agrasen University, Baddi (H.P.) on 23rd February 2019. 2019
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