About the School of Commerce & Management
About the School
School of Commerce and Management, IEC University is a leading business school with a reputation for high quality teaching, innovative thinking, and experiential learning voyage. We seek to disseminate theory and practice of management thought to generate exceptional management graduates who make a difference to our community both locally and internationally.
Our focus is for continuous improvement and development of our primary stakeholder to intellectually evolve as a knowledgeable, research oriented, socially responsible, and productive citizen. We consciously work with our learners to develop their hard and soft skills by providing a stimulating, intellectually challenging and engaging environment.
Further, our commitment is to offer contemporary business and management thought to our students for a better understanding of the domain of study, including wider social issues, corporate social responsibility and ethical decision making to cope up with continuous waves of change and develop as trendsetters.
The vision of the School of Commerce & Management is to impart quality education to students for their overall development as a good Service Professional as well as a good citizen to meet future challenges of globalization and great Indian hospitality values
To develop managers and entrepreneurs by promoting a learning environment that encourages knowledge inquisitiveness, creative thinking, systems thinking and social intelligence. To contribute to the human capital requirement of the industry by enhancing the employability of the graduates. To sensitize the graduates towards work ethics and social responsibility. To foster strategic alliance with industry for research and its application.
  • To be a leader in development of professional in the field of Business and Commerce.
  • To work closely and proactively with the industry so as to address the needs of highly skilled man power.
  • To train and educate, at all levels, persons of outstanding abilities who can become future leaders for the Business & E-Commerce industry.
Key Benefits:
  • Developing an understanding of the importance of customer satisfaction in business.
  • Our faculties possess teaching qualities that help students learn how to perform tasks in a professional and scientific manner
  • Our students are imbibed with qualities to learn scientifically and act professionally.
  • The syllabus includes the latest in terms of breakthroughs and technologies.
  • Mini-Projects have been included as part of the curriculum, to develop a holistic understanding of the business industry.
  • Our students are groomed in being more employable, in whichever sector they choose to enter.
  • Successful graduates are placed in various organizations in the all sectors, which include Banks, MNCs Companies, HR Companies, management operations and many more companies.
Teaching Methodology
The teaching methodology adopted at the School of Commerce & Management is intensive as well as extensive classroom teaching involving active participation of the students. Theoretical classroom teaching is supplemented by practical work. It also includes preparation of project reports, project presentation, submission of assignments, seminars, etc. The students are awarded for the best academic and professional performances. The achievements of our students have been outstanding. At the school we nurture future leaders and elite professionals for the hospitality world and beyond.
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