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Our Department of Business Management and Commerce, IEC University is a leading business school with a reputation for high quality teaching, innovative thinking, and experiential learning voyage. We seek to disseminate theory and practice of management thought to generate exceptional management graduates who make a difference to our community both locally and internationally.
Our focus is for continuous improvement and development of our primary stakeholder to intellectually evolve as a knowledgeable, research oriented, socially responsible, and productive citizen. We consciously work with our learners to develop their hard and soft skills by providing a stimulating, intellectually challenging and engaging environment.Further, our commitment is to offer contemporary business and management thought to our students for a better understanding of the domain of study, including wider social issues, corporate social responsibility and ethical decision making to cope up with continuous waves of change and develop as trendsetters.
The Hospitality industry and Tourism industry is one of the most flourishing industries in India today. Hospitality can be termed as the service given to people. The hotel industry is in constant need of the people. The Hospitality Sector mainly focuses on the services that are provided to the customers. However, candidates opting for the Career in Hospitality Sector have to go through a rigorous training program to be able to sustain the ever-growing demand of this industry. On the other hand, Tourism being a part of Hospitality Industry acts as an important constituent where in it involves both Safe accommodation and safe travel arrangements in a systematic manner.“We believe Hospitality education is not merely confined to class room teaching. We ensure to provide multidimensional learning experiences which integrate rigorous academic, applied, practical and cross-disciplinary perspectives to ensure a deep understanding of Hospitality in all its contexts. We provide academic environment which stimulates out of box thinking among our students.”
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