School of Pharmacy & Allied Health Sciences
About the School
School of Pharmacy & Allied Health Sciences, IEC University is one of the best colleges in India imparting quality pharmacy education at diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and doctoral levels. In IECSchool of Pharmacy & Allied Health Sciences,Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is duly approved by Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) New Delhi. It has state of the art facilities for modern research. Laboratories are designed in compliance with PCI requirements. The pharmacy school educates students who understand the value of evidence-based, patient-centered pharmaceutical care and innovative research, and scientists who will extend the knowledge base of pharmaceutical sciences in the areas of drug target discovery, drug testing and drug delivery.
While School of Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that is primarily concerned with remediation of impairments and disabilities and the promotion of mobility, functional ability, quality of life and movement potential through examination, evaluation, diagnosis and physical intervention. Physical therapists can help people at any stage of life, when movement and function are threatened by ageing, injury, diseases, disorders, conditions or environmental factors. Physical therapists help people maximize their quality of life, looking at physical, psychological, emotional and social wellbeing.
Our graduates will serve their communities in socially responsible ways to improve health and well-being.
  • To provide a stimulating environment where knowledge of basic subjects is integrated with health concerns for the world community.
  • To provide a platform to the pharmacy professionals to cater diverse populations in terms of health care through their contributions in education, training, scholastic approach services and research.
  • To inculcate professional ethics, social responsibility and commitment to lifelong learning.
To educate and support professionals who positively influence the health outcomes of the people they serve by developing and strengthening education, research and training opportunities
Key Benefits
  • Growth Potential
  • Constant Growth in Knowledge
  • Rising Demand for Pharmacy Professionals
  • Career Stability
  • A Service to Humanity
Teaching Methodology
  • Lecture
  • Tutorials
  • Seminar
  • Symposium
  • Workshops
  • Demonstrations/ Practicals
  • Clinical Training
  • Simulation models
  • Projector
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