About the School
The IEC School of Basic and Applied Sciences was established to teach courses in the Basic and Applied Sciences at the Graduate, Postgraduate and Research Levels. It is well equipped to carry out both teaching and research activities through its various constituent Departments, namely Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. The School offers B.Sc, M.Sc and Ph.D programs with syllabi designed as a blend of core science and interdisciplinary topics. School is unison of experienced teaching methodologies accompanied by best in class infrastructure and state-of-the art laboratories that supports and exhibits the practicality of the enriching syllabus that the school has to offer. School is committed to inculcate expertise in the students in the field of basic sciences, technology and personality development so that they can make the world a better place.
  • To make quality higher education accessible to the students without discrimination.
  • To be a School committed to promotion of Science. Research. Exploration and Education for attracting young talented students to the field of Basic & Applied sciences, so that they can contribute effectively to replenishing the national and international pool for scientific development.
  • Prepare the students with strong fundamental knowledge to make a mark at global perspective.
  • Culminate extraordinary analytical, logical, research and ethical skills to make them ready for educational & industrial needs.
  • Develop a good citizen and a good human being through all round development.
  • To impart basic knowledge and skills of various aspects of Basic and Applied Sciences.
  • To prepare the students for challenging careers in the sciences and lay a strong foundation for higher study and research in that subject for industrial need and also to pursue further education.
Key Benefits
  • High Quality Education & Research
  • Pursuing Passion and desire for fields of study
  • Personal development of skills
  • Economic Growth
  • Environmental Benefits
Teaching Methodology
  • Teachers of this School are experienced, hardworking and uses different methods of teaching in easy way understanding. So, students of this School are motivated and develop interest towards the Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  • Programming languages such as Mathematica, Matlab, latex etc. for U.G and P.G Students are taught and practiced, during their programme of study.
  • Smart class rooms are there for teaching the undergraduate and post-graduate students.
  • Faculty members of the school are also assisting the students through online video platforms and video lectures.
  • School has a well-equipped laboratories and well stocked library for U.G, P.G and Ph.D Scholars.
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