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Department of Physics

M.Sc. in Physics
Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Physics is a Post-Graduate Programme of duration 2 Years or four semesters. M.Sc. Physics programme is designed to equip the students with fundamental and advanced knowledge of various streams of Physics and skills to solve scientific problems. The focus is on understanding various problems and using the acquired knowledge to provide solutions.
The M.Sc. Physics programmecovers various areas such as classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, Statistical Physics, Mathematical Physics, Computational Physics, condensed matter physics, electronics and specialized areas such as nanotechnology, materials science, etc. After passing a Master's Degree, candidates have many career options in different fields.
Ph.D. in Physics
The PhD in Physics is a research degree programme which introduces or builds upon, research skills and specialist knowledge. Students are assigned to a research supervisor, a specialist in part or all of the student's chosen research field. Ph.D. in Physics programme is designed in such a way that the subjects and modules place more emphasis on the fundamental knowledge acquired during the Master’s degree. The coursework component provides scholars opportunities to engage with faculty and peers in scholarly discourses and establish networks that foster academic and professional development. The research field is normally determined after coursework completion and consideration of the student's interests and facilities available. The student, however, may work within a given field for a period of time before their personal topic is determined.
Candidates interested in pursuing this programme will receive a theoretical and practical exposure of the research areas for the development of potential applications. There will be a limited curriculum of research-based programme, which will suffice for them to focus on finishing the basics and developing a research-based thesis. The difficulty and standards of this programme are very high. This makes them superior to others in the domain and will also land many job opportunities for PhD graduates.
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