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Department of Mathematics

B.Sc. Non- Medical
The B.Sc. in Non-Medical is a 3-year undergraduate program involving a specialized study of subjects and topics related to computer application and services. Technological implementation of computer systems is the mainstay of this non-medical program. The program aims at creating quality professionals and research fellows needed across every sector of the world today. Subjects usually comprising this course’s curriculum include Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry.
M.Sc in Mathematics
The M.Sc. Mathematics programme involves basic studies of the subject lying a strong foundation which would support employability as well as background for higher studies. While pursuing a M.Sc. Mathematics degree from IEC University, students will develop experimental knowledge (through MATLAB & DATA Structure Lab) and analytical & conceptual skills. With an objective to foster the analytical skills among the students, M.Sc. Mathematics is the best for the learners who want to formulate the Computational & Mathematical approach. Candidates interested in pursuing this programme will receive a theoretical and practical exposure of the research areas for the development of potential applications. There will be a limited curriculum of research-based programme, which will suffice for them to focus on finishing the basics and developing a research-based thesis. The difficulty and standards of this programme are very high. This makes them superior to others in the domain and will also land many job opportunities for PhD graduates.
Ph.D Mathematics
In the Ph.D. program in mathematics, students learn how to use computational methods and mathematical modelling to solve practical problems in government, business, engineering and the physical and social sciences. For a program specialization in pure mathematics, candidates create new mathematics principles, striving to advance mathematical knowledge.
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