About the School
IEC School of Humanities & Social Sciences has started with the mission to make the students understand the significance of formal and informal ideas of institutions in the operation of society, to locate the study of various aspects within the ongoing development of the social sciences, to grasp the range of intellectual perspectives and the formal study of different subjects, to develop sophisticated research skills in different areas, to understand the requirements of effective and virtuous citizenship and to develop and utilize the techniques of critical thought. The programs provide a base for higher study for the students. The School aims to create the interest of students in various subjects and develop speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills.
The three specialized departments offering different courses under the School of Humanities and Social Sciences are the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, and the Department of Art & Fashion. The academically proficient faculty members are currently carrying out the teaching and research activities. With the combined academic potentials of these faculties, the School focuses on the comprehensive study of English Literature, Hindi Literature, Psychology, Sociology, Politics, Public Administration, Mass Communication, and Fashion Designing from different angles and dimensions, drawing on a variety of disciplinary perspectives.
The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is committed to quality teaching and research through interdisciplinary understanding. It aims to promote growth in academic endeavours, student placement, and holistic human development with a firm conviction for professionals. The programs are aligned with the overall goal of IEC.
The School of Humanities and Social Sciences aims to foster quality education, improve the employability of the products of the higher education system, ensure equitable access to education, and ascertain that educational opportunities are available to all segments of the society.promote excellence in teaching and research by nurturing a culture of enquiry based learning, and grooming students to be morally and socially responsible professionals, sensitive towards the larger societal good.
The mission of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences is to develop capable citizens, empowered with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to make informed and responsible decisions in a diverse and mutually dependent world. We endeavor to serve the university and the community as a source of social science information in addressing matters of mutual concern. We strive to promote understanding, respect, sensitivity and acceptance of differences and are committed to peace, social justice, equity and human rights.
  • To develop a sense of social responsibility and commitment to equity in a multicultural society and apply these values in working, creating learning environments, and collaborating with community members.
  • Demonstrate understanding of major concepts, theories, and findings in the social sciences.
  • The students will learn to communicate clearly, intelligently, and effectively, in both writing and speaking, in their academic as well as professional careers.
  • Understand and articulate the impact of diversity on individuals, groups, and societies.
  • Communicate social science concepts, theories, and perspectives through written, verbal, and other relevant forms.
  • Demonstrate critical and creative analysis of perspectives and issues in the social sciences.
  • Apply disciplinary knowledge from the social sciences to contemporary issues affecting individuals and groups.
  • Understand the basic concepts and ethical principles of social science and humanities research.
Key Benefits
The Humanities and Social Sciences are the subjects that deal with studying human behaviour and interaction in social, cultural, environmental, economic, and political contexts.
  • The excellent teaching staff will explain all these topics in an easy and detailed manner to make students understand each and every aspect.
  • Students will enjoy studying with good faculties as the topics are interesting.
  • The social sciences focus on subjects like economics, psychology, and history, while the humanities explore philosophy, languages, literature, and the arts, so these subjects have great scope in the future.
  • There are better career paths in the field of humanities and social science.
  • To get placed in reputed organisations.
  • This course aims to create the students' interest in various subjects and to develop speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills.
Teaching Methodology
The humanities and social sciences encompass diverse concerns of society and include a wide a range of content, drawn from the disciplines of history, literature, geography, political science, economics and sociology. The selection and organization of material into a meaningful humanities and social science curriculum, enabling students to develop a critical understanding of society, is therefore a challenging task. The possibilities of including new dimensions and concerns are immense especially in view of the student’s own life experiences. The teaching faculties adopts non- coercive and participatory mode that stand the best chance of making teaching and learning interesting as well as enjoyable.
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