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About the Department
The IEC Department of Art & Fashion enhances an individual’s interest in Fashion by providing them proper lectures in detail by keeping in mind every single student caliber to make their base strong from the starting because we know “Great building can’t be built on weak foundations” and well maintained designing and garment construction labs to teach them everything in detail including practical lectures. We teach you how to create beautiful, alluring and attractive garments for both men and women. The students will learn techniques and skills. Here we direct students to keep them on proper track, to keep them motivated, to make them ready to try (and fail) many times before mastering skills.
The vision of the department is to be recognized as a premier center in India that provides holistic education and training in fashion and apparel and whose graduates emerge as highly capable professionals in the field and contribute immensely to the growth of industry and sustainable society.
Mission of the department of Art & Fashion offers a 3-year under graduate programme in fashion designing. It aims to develop globally-competitive graduates through comprehensive education and training that precisely meets the needs and expectations of the fashion/garment industry and business, and which enables the graduates to solve real-time manufacturing, design and technological challenges in the field. The department also offers need-based continuing education programmes/courses for the benefit of the society.
The primary goals of the department are to:
  • Create an academic environment which promotes the intellectual and professional development of students and faculty;
  • Develop and maintain a commitment to scholarly activity in research and creative activity, graduate education, and undergraduate education which is commensurate with the goals and mission of IEC University.
  • Develop and maintain a commitment to scholarly activity in research and creative activity, graduate education, and undergraduate education which is commensurate with the goals and mission of IEC University.
  • Offer courses in cognate academic disciplines and professional fields which provide the necessary base for the career goals of students and faculty.
  • Provide the public with service commensurate with a University. Implicit in these goals is our responsibility as instructors, which includes but is not limited to, educating undergraduate students and providing continuing education while promoting and clarifying the role and philosophy of education. A strong commitment to research and creative activity means creating and maintaining a significant intellectual environment and achieving our broader commitments to the advancement of knowledge and service to the public. Service to the University and to the general public unifies and clarifies the role of the University in the local community, in the State of himachal Pradesh, in the nation, and is valued within the School, the College and the University.
Key Benefits:
With how rapidly the fashion industry keeps growing and evolving into a powerful creative space with inspiring talents taking the industry by storm, many people wonder how to get into a industry and contemplate if gaining a fashion education is essential.

Key Benefits of the Department:-

  • Knowledge: the wealth of knowledge you gain when you chose to study fashion is unmatched. You get to learn from academics and practitioners who have a wealth of industry experience and knowledge that will better prepare you practically and theoretically to take on the world of fashion. You will be introduced to the history of fashion, the business of fashion, the tech aspects of fashion, and how important technology is to the growth of fashion in this era. As a student, you will gain more experience in being critically knowledgeable, spontaneous and adventurous in your approach to fashion which is a great experience to attain whiles studying fashion.
  • Skills: No matter your chosen field of fashion education, be it design, multimedia, public relations, marketing, you name it, you will learn invaluable new skills that will adequately prepare you for a career within the industry. Some of the skills include but are not limited to; creativity and proactively, interpersonal skills, attention to detail, eagerness to succeed, excellent sewing skills, visualization and sketching skills, art skills, Communication skills which include writing, time management skills and more.
  • Connections: The connections you make when you go to fashion school are just as invaluable and essential. Your first point of networking is within fashion school because you get to meet creative talents from different parts of the world that will become the most prominent names within the industry.
  • Opportunities: Going to fashion school and gaining an education avails you to several opportunities such as amazing internships, mentorship programs, and exhibition opportunities to get your work noticed on an international level. Many fashion institutions have great connections with big brands and fashion journalists from renowned publications that scout for talent yearly, so that could open doors for you and get you seen.
  • Entry Level: With a fashion-based qualification, your chances of securing that entry-level position of your choice are a lot more feasible. Brands, companies and publications worldwide are creating more entry-level positions to help give graduates opportunities to gain the needed experience within a fashion environment. It isn't easy to get into the industry without a fashion qualification, and having these qualifications gives you the advantage.
  • A Creative and Collaborative Community: When you attend a fashion school, you become a part of a creative and collaborative community that not only wants to move fashion forward sustainably and productively. But also be a part of a community that promotes inclusivity, diversity, and move the culture forward in your unique way through storytelling and art. That in itself is a powerful statement to want to make as a fashion student. You get to learn from a vast array of creative individuals who are just as passionate as you to want to bring their vision and talent to the industry.
Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodology adopted in the department are:

  • Teacher-centered methods
  • Learner-centered methods
  • Content-focused methods
  • Interactive/participative methods
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